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“Hello, we would like to sell something.” Click. That didn’t go too well. In other words: Think carefully about whom you are going to assign with the task of approaching people in your name. But as luck will have it, your visit to our little website has already brought you one step closer to a business connection that you will never want to be without again. We can open doors for you: all you have to do is walk through them.

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Everything’s easier with a little charm

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Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition

What exactly is a “Sales Representative”? Well, there’s one thing he or she certainly isn’t: a full-time Acquisition Agent. When someone is responsible for writing offers, visiting existing clients and juggling many balls at once, one of the most important tools often falls by the wayside: the acquisition.

There are many reasons for this. First of all, there’s the factor “time”, a real spoilsport as it always seems to slip away. Perhaps the Sales Representatives don’t have enough experience, haven’t participated in the right training or are simply not comfortable with approaching complete strangers.

Well, we’re different. We enjoy it. And we know what we’re doing – we’re very professional. Thanks to our technology, we do not need small post-its to remind us of overdue tasks, and we do not suffer from a stiff neck from constantly holding the phone against our shoulder while we talk. Our system thinks ahead and supports us. What more can you possibly ask for?



The next time someone asks you whether you have an Internal Sales Team, you can charmingly reply: “Even better!” Of course, this is assuming that we agree to do business together. If this is the case (we have no doubts about this), we will handle the classic tasks of such a department – but at a significantly lower cost.

We will accept the external calls from your customers and interested parties, answer their questions and forward these to you by telephone or e-mail after filtering them according to your clearly defined selection criteria.

And what’s more, we will send out your information by mail or post and take care of many other things that you will not find in classic call centres when you look underneath the surface.

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty 

We’ve slightly modified an old football quote: “After the call is before the call.”  We stay involved, even when a task has been completed in your eyes. As an external service provider, we not only initiate the first contact, but also look after new contacts as well as existing customers in your name, and draw attention to your company when you plan special promotions, for example.

That’s how customer loyalty works.

But it gets even better. With our help (there’s no beating around the bush here, after all, this is our website). Here’s the issue: we’re sure that you maintain contact with your larger customers. Who doesn’t? However, smaller customers are often forgotten, and they are understandably not very happy about this. A well-maintained database is your “bank account” and we make sure that it is appreciated in all its facets.

We keep our eyes on the ball and will call these customers for you, since they also need affection and care to ensure that your business keeps booming.

Who need us






We have a company cat. She needs us for sure. We don’t know whether you need us, but the fact that you took the time to visit our website leads us to believe that you do. As opposed to our cat, we won’t just feed you, we’ll look after you and handle many more details than you might assume. It might help you make your decision to know that we focus our attention. If you need support for your logistics company, or if patent marketing is a matter close to your heart, it will be hard to avoid us. But please do not hesitate to also contact us if your Sales Team needs “fresh blood” and you want to help them become more effective. We will always have a line free to talk about such cases.

Who we are






We’ve been making the phones ring for our clients for over 10 years. We have never wanted to have a big team, but we’ve managed to achieve big things. That’s why a lot of clients who originally only wanted to test us have now turned into regular clients and have rewarded us with years of loyalty. We think it’s all right to be a little bit proud of that.

Speaking of “loyalty”: everyone who works here feels comfortable with us. We don’t have a hire-and-fire mentality and some of our permanent staff has been with us right from the start. You’ll hardly find a better functioning team.

Again: We’re not one of those typical call centres. We are your favourite Telephone Acquisition Agents and your Internal Sales Team, which many will envy you for (always assuming that you make the clever decision to work with us).

Small but fine. 

Here at service4sales, a maximum of two well-briefed employees will work on each assignment. For you, this means that you have a contact person who knows all about your company and the tasks at hand, and will continue to be there for you over the next years.

Case Studies


Here are six convincing Examples


Logistics Consulting
A Danish consultancy company for logistics expanded into Germany. Together, we established a target customer profile for Germany. Service4sales used it as the basis to examine the geographic distribution of these customers, provide advice on the ideal geographic orientation, obtain contact details of potential customers and arrange dates for personal appointments. Potential target companies that were not immediately interested in logistics consultancy services were approached again periodically. There was a regular exchange between the s4s employees and the respective Sales Representative of the client.

The result: Over a period of 10 years now, more than 1,700 appointments have been arranged. Our client’s German branch has developed into the largest company within the group and is meanwhile active all over Germany. 

Trading Company

A regional company for automobile telemetry with a customer base of over 6,000 companies ranging from small businesses with one delivery van to the market leaders within the German forwarding industry was on the lookout for economic possibilities to make use of the partially untapped potential of small and medium-sized existing customers. The company designed campaigns with different topics: sales of service agreements, one-time maintenance of the customers’ systems, upgrades to new and more elaborate programme versions. Each campaign had a different focus regarding the target group. The client made the contact details and a discussion guide available to us. Service4sales carried out the telephone activities for the campaign, during which our employee was always in close contact with our client’s Internal Sales Staff as well as the Sales Management.

The result: Based on directly achieved sales alone, every single one of the campaigns that took place at an interval ranging between four and eight months was profitable. As a by-product, the client now also has an up-to-date database free of defunct contacts. Last but not least, the analyses of the reactions, which were meticulously documented by service4sales, provide valuable insights in the customer behaviour and offer the Sales Representatives additional sales opportunities.

Transportation Company

A transportation company active throughout Europe with a focus on Great Britain, Ireland and Norway had the aim of increasing its direct contacts to medium and large-sized shipping companies in order to reduce the dependence on forwarding agents. We jointly developed an approach. On the one hand, the objective was to arrange appointments, and on the other hand, to generate more enquiries. In doing so, the data we collected was so detailed that the client was able to use it to draw up an offer without any further questions. The contact data was partially obtained from service4sales’ own sources and partially delivered by the client from other sources. To supplement the data, service4sales developed an IT-supported telephone number research process. The client’s Sales Representatives returned the enquiries and appointments that didn’t originally lead to any orders to service4sales so that we could recirculate them.

The result: The company achieved its goal within two years. The ratio between shipments by forwarding agents and by shipping companies is roughly the same now.

Management Consultants
A network of independent Management Consultants offer support for foreign companies wishing to enter the German market. The respective Management Consultant selected 50 to 80 target customers with great care and forwarded the contact details to service4sales. Internet research was occasionally necessary. This was handled extremely cost-effectively by one of our German cooperation partners in Eastern Europe. Afterwards, service4sales contacted these companies to generate interest for the products and services of the respective foreign company. We also updated the data with various elements depending on the outcome of the conversation. The objective was to ensure that the companies were generally willing to get to know the foreign companies. The respective Management Consultants set up the appointments themselves. A special feature: The Management Consultants used the service4sales database and decided to do without their own CRM system.

The result: service4sales is also in a position to handle smaller customer databases cost-effectively. In conjunction with the intensive preparation by the Management Consultants and the close collaboration, this approach is extremely economical.

Technology and Patents
A company that markets technologies and patents by universities, colleges and private inventors was looking for a way to approach the potential licensors around the world in a more individual and sustainable way than purely in writing. As new technologies often only had 15 to 50 potential licensors, it was particularly important that the offers of technology actually reached the relevant contact persons. Service4sales developed an approach in which the potential licensor was first contacted by telephone to identify the relevant contact person, who was then contacted in writing in a targeted manner.

In order to work economically, the same technical procedure was implemented for completely different topics. The telephone calls were planned in accordance with the respective time zones. We periodically issued reports about the progress of the on-going actions – this was also automated.

Due to the uniform working methods, the technical preparation time for each campaign was only approx. one hour although the potential licensors were handled in very individually. This even made it possible to carry out small campaigns very cost-effectively. At the end of each campaign, a report about the results of the telephone calls was compiled for the marketing company. This contained a statistical evaluation, free text about each company approached and any other explanatory texts that were necessary.

The result: Thanks to “mouth-to-ear” propaganda, further intellectual property rights companies hired service4sales. As a result, more than 300 technologies were accompanied in this way over the next 10 years. The marketing companies are in a position to license more technologies. An important side effect: the selection of potential licensors is now much more accurate due to feedback obtained during the telephone campaigns, which ensures a more targeted selection. This, in turn, significantly reduces the marketing costs.

A software trading company has been a client of service4sales since its establishment. The assignment was to contact companies and find out whether there was a demand for used software licences or, the other way round, if any unneeded licences were available for purchase. Our client hired service4sales as an addition to its own Sales Team. In the first few years, the client used to send address lists to service4sales in Excel and these were then called via our own systems. As returning the contacted addresses into the CRM system led to a lot of administrative effort on the part of our client, service4sales started working directly with the client’s CRM system in 2015. However, we continued to use our own telephone system for calls via their CRM system.

The result: As well as the leads that we forwarded to the Sales Crew as usual, we were also able to detect and remove duplicates as well as enter company structures into our client’s CRM system. Over time, this resulted in a comprehensive company database. We still process addresses for cold calling. Thanks to the integration in the clients’ system, service4sales is now also in a position to support the Sales Team by calling the smaller existing clients at fixed times to initiate new projects.

The Team




What would a company be without employees who do their very best? Nothing. Nothing at all. That’s why we are able to achieve something with just a few colleagues that other companies can’t seem to manage at all: we make customers happy.

Beryll Daub and Uwe Christensen clearly had the right touch when they found each other and established service4sales. But they also had a good hand in getting people on board who seem to be able to do everything a little better than the competition

We proudly present


Mielchen The Cat

Mielchen The Cat

Purrs when everything goes well.

Beryll Daub

Beryll Daub

Wer ihr widersteht hat kein Telefon.

Uwe Christensen

Uwe Christensen

Er verkauft Ihnen alles. Außer Unsinn.

Doris Friedrich

Doris Friedrich

A superwoman on the telephone. A true treasure as a colleague.

Stefanie Rudat

Stefanie Rudat

Impresses with words. And her big heart.


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